We are living miracles in how we are made. God created us as spirits that are tethered to this world by means of our physical bodies. And yet our bodies […]

  1. We are living miracles in how we are made.

God created us as spirits that are tethered to this world by means of our physical bodies. And yet our bodies are fragile! They are basically carbon-based water balloons. (When babies are born, they are nearly 80% water; and even as adults, we’re nearly two-thirds water!)

Amazingly, that water which makes up so great a part of our bodies dissolves almost everything it touches, but it doesn’t dissolve us. Yet it is not without its dangers: if we drink too much water, our hearts can stop beating. Our bodies are examples of God’s ability to balance many factors precisely.

As another example, oxygen is essential to life, and it flows through all of our cells with every breath. Pure oxygen would blow up at the lightest spark and kill us, and so it must be mixed in the perfect ratio within our bodies. Not only that, oxygen tends to break everything down as well. It rusts iron and turns burnished copper green, “oxidizing” most things it touches.  And even though we need oxygen for every breath, it “oxidizes” us also, which is why we eat foods rich in antioxidants … to slow down that process in our cells.

Our blood carries oxygen to every cell in our bodies, but when our blood is exposed to the oxygen in the atmosphere (when you get a cut, for example) it somehow knows to rush fibers into the hole.  If it rushed fibers in at the touch of the oxygen that is within our arteries and veins, we would die in minutes. Amazing!

Every time you eat, that entire process is a miracle! How does that bag of acids known as your stomach know to sort out the vitamins and the nutrients from the things that our bodies don’t need? What process does it use? Even though your brain could never look at a candy bar and know what were the constituent components of it, somehow your stomach knows and has an efficient process for refueling your body! How do those yards of intestines and colon detect and absorb the rare minerals and metals that our bodies need, while sending everything else to exit the body? You are a miracle!


  1. We are living miracles in where we are placed!

Earth is perfectly created as a terrarium within which we can live. If it were slightly closer to the sun, no life on earth could exist; but if it were only a small distance farther from the sun, no life on earth would survive either. The earth’s orbit is precision-tuned for life!

If our planet did not turn, no life could exist except on the sliver of earth between light and darkness. One half of the planet would freeze, and the other half (closer to the sun) would boil. But the earth’s rotation and the atmosphere keeps that from happening.

If gravity (the weakest force in the universe) were only slightly stronger, we would lie flat on our backs on the earth and not be able to get up; but if it were only slightly less strong, we would float off the surface of the planet, and life would not be possible then either. Perfectly balanced for life!

Without our atmosphere, solar radiation would kill us. Without the moon, the tides would not slosh the waters of the oceans and cleanse them from decay, and life would soon die. We are perfectly positioned on a planet within very strict parameters to permit life. God did that!


  1. We are living miracles in the way that we are brilliantly created for relationship!

A newborn baby will seek out mother’s eyes. The infant’s own vision is calibrated to the distance between the mother’s breast and her face, so that the first thing seen clearly is the woman who gave him birth.

People naturally speak and communicate with one another. They share not only thoughts, but also feelings and beliefs. We live in a sea of people, and we are made to interact with them constantly! Of the nearly 8 billion people on the planet who all have eyes, noses, and mouths, you are able to instantly identify your loved ones in every lighting condition and at every distance. That subtle discrimination of faces is astonishing! It teaches us that God notices each of us and cares for each of us individually!

An amazing discovery was made when scientists realized that people with brain damage to the part of the brain in back that processes vision … could still detect very reliably whether the people in front of them were happy or angry. These test subjects were all people who had undamaged eyes, but damaged visual centers in their brains. Additional testing showed that our eyes have TWO nerves: one that runs to the part of the brain that processes sight, and a SECOND nerve that runs to the amygdala … the part of your brain that deals with emotions. We now know that people who are entirely 100% blind are reliably able to process the faces in front of them as to emotional content, even though they will never see those faces!

We were made for relationship!


These things all tell us about the God who made us and His care for us. He fashioned us from the stuff of earth in such a way that our spirits have physical bodies that function beautifully in our world. He fashioned our world as the perfect environment in which we are to live, delicately balancing factors on a cosmic scale to create a safe place for us to live. And he made us to love relationship and long to know Him, even before we ever see Him.

You are treasured! Sharing some of these things may help your friends come to believe that God cares for them as well. Because they, just like you, are loved and treasured by God.