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Jesus left His disciples with a Great Commission – “Go make disciples.”

His passion for bringing people into relationship with Him is to be our passion.

The U.S. Ministries team shares that passion.
The U.S. Ministries team cares about lost people.
The U.S. Ministries team is committed to encouraging, equipping and empowering leaders to mulitply disciples and churches.

When the U.S Ministries team works to see churches become healthy, the objective is to see disciples multiplied.
When workers and leaders are equipped, the goal is to see the harvest gathered.
When churches are planted and multiplied, the vision is to see people added to the kingdom.

One of our most important objectives is to raise up and multiply missional leaders, missional churches and missional districts that are passionate and sacrificial about fulfilling the Great Commission.

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Our Team


Bob Ransom

U.S. Ministries Director


Stephen Lane

Pastoral Care & Resources


Dan Riemenschneider

Strengthening Churches


Dan Grider

Church Multiplication Strategist


Russ Johnson

Table Network Director


Tom Blaylock

Church Multiplication Leader & Coach


Jose Mendez

Cultural Ministries


Jim Carder

Pastoral Leadership Institute


Lisa Goode

Communication Stategist


Diane Rodocker



Ronnette Armstrong



Kay Aupperle



Abby Luginbill



Diane Norris



Laurie Wooldridge



Jennifer Woolever

PLI Financial

Our Networks


The Generate Intensive is an equipping experience focused on helping church planting teams get on the mission of Christ to make and multiply disciples.

It is designed to help planters and team members from any model, conventional or organic, develop a strategy that will enable them to fulfill the Great Commission in their communities.

You can Start a Movement. We can show you how!

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The On Mission Workshop is a two-part equipping experience focused on helping existing churches align themselves with the mission of Christ to make and multiply disciples.

It is designed to help pastors and church leaders develop a strategy that will enable them to fulfill the Great Commission in their communities.

You can Start a Movement. We can show you how without blowing up your church!

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PLI is a new wineskin created especially for second-career people – proven leaders who begin in the marketplace and later sense a clear direction from God to move toward vocational Christian ministry.

PLI allows students to train for vocational ministry while continuing in current jobs.

There’s no need to relocate to a city with a Bible college or seminary or pay the high cost of graduate education.

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Field USA

While “Leadership” is our central focus, we emphasize the “Servant” aspect of coming alongside pastors, churches, and districts to provide “Initiative” and catalytic impetus to develop a thriving culture in the Missionary Church.

Field USA is an organic disciplemaking movement that is committed to major U.S. cities. The focus is on incarnational living among the lost and discipling to the fourth generation.

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We are a network of churches and leaders who long to see others live in the freedom and family found at the table Jesus has prepared. With 70% of those outside the church today not interested in attending a church service of any kind, the words of Richard Niebuhr ring true, that:  “The great Christian revolutions came not by the discovery of something that was not known before. They happen when someone takes radically something that was always there.”

We believe that “something” is the message of freedom in the hands of every believer -and- a medium of family that is conducive to each context. And so our mission is helping leaders catalyze movements that invite others to rest in the finished work of Jesus, seeing new and existing churches form and flourish as we go.

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Our purpose is to Inspire, Empower, and Unleash Church Planters to give birth to pregnant churches who birth pregnant churches who … well you get the point.

Our desire is to create an intentional church multiplication network that will unite churches that are passionate about transforming their community with a new generation of churches that are Gospel-Driven, and Spirit-Fueled.

Our confidence in Jesus’ declaration, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Our hope is in the promise of eternal life to all who believe in the life transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our motivation is the Return of King Jesus who is making all things new, and who will execute judgment on the world at his Second Coming.

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