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Thanksgiving is an opportunity to focus on God and His many blessings. In a world filled with the clutter of many voices it is good to stop, listen to His voice and then pour out our thanksgiving for who He is and all the many blessings He has provided.

The gifts of individuals and churches to our Thanksgiving offerings have helped to significantly enlarge the kingdom. People have come to know Christ personally in each of the church planting efforts in the U.S. as new leaders have been raised up and new churches have been planted in the midst of the pandemic. Johnny Byrd is sharing his God story in and around Johnson City, TN and seeing those people connect with God and share their God story with others to fulfill their mission to make and multiply disciples. Your support helped make it happen.

The 2021 Thanksgiving offering will help accomplish a similar advance of the kingdom. This year’s offerings will enable more training and coaching for church planters and micro church leaders in the Ignite, Lark, ActX and Florida Networks covering projects across the country. These planters and leaders will reach more people than we could ever imagine.


Campus Pastor, North Ridge Community Church (Springbrook)

Our mission and hope for our whole church is to be a multiplying church. We want to see disciple-making cultures happen on a campus level, but also multiplied out. We’re seeing people take the next step into praying for the people that are around them and begin the process of looking for opportunities where the holy spirit leads them to share their God Story.

We were seeing a lot of momentum happen around the idea of our God stories and I began getting convicted. I had jumped head first into trying to create the discipleship culture, but I wasn’t actually doing it myself. If I want to create culture, I need to lead by doing it myself. So I started praying who’s around me.

Taylor Russell is who the Holy Spirit put in my heart. I started to casually talk with him and we started having these deeper conversations where Taylor came to this realization that he’s never just been all in. He feels like the holy spirit is leading him to really grow deeper his connection with God. He’s started asking questions that we’ve had to really dive deep into the scriptures and see what it says. So now his friends and family are seeing this life transformation happen. That is how disciple-making cultures are beginning to be multiplied out by starting on an individual basis.

Thanksgiving Offering

Help start new church plants!


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Thanksgiving Offering
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Participating in GivingTuesday is about joining a movement for generosity, and there are so many ways to do that. Whether you give your voice, your goods, your time, or your money, being generous is a way to support the causes you care about and help people in need. Give each Tuesday and every day!

Generosity is a game changer


We need more partnerships between churches, and we need more churches. Working together to plant churches is a biblical way to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples.

Give Financially


There are 225 million unchurched people in America. Church planters not only need financial help to launch, but they also need training, coaching, networks, credentialing and resources to help them succeed and multiply. The Missionary Church currently has 250+ church plants and many more to come.

These church plants will reach more people than we could have ever imagined and multiply disciples to the fourth generation.

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Generate works tirelessly every day to make a difference and we need your help! 100% of what you give goes to church planting.

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Many of our churches are understaffed or operating on a small budget and can’t afford the marketing, HR, technology, or planning resources that their missions deserve. Consider giving your time and skills to help a church plant.

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Get to know church planters and plants and help promote them. Pray for them during corporate worship. By building relationships with church plants, you will find yourself in a better position to get involved.

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