The Missionary Church is the umbrella for our core ministries:

Generate, World Partners, Missionary Church Investment Foundation, and Financial Services.

Bob Ransom
Director of Generate

Jose Mendez
Assistant Director of Cultural Ministries

Dan Remenschneider
Assistant Director of Strengthening Churches

Tom Swank
Assistant Director of Prayer Ministries

Stephen Lane
Assistant Director of Resources

Generate is the U.S. Ministries of the Missionary Church.

We offer the Shift National Conference and the Prayer Awakening Conference to help encourage and connect church leaders.

Dave Mann
Director of Strategic Partnerships
(Retiring June 2022)

Rick Dugan
Director of International Development

Tami Swymeler
Director of Operations

Joe Johns
Director of Strategic Partnerships

World Partners is the international ministry of the Missionary Church.

Steve Sisson
Executive Director

MCIF is a nonprofit financial ministry of the Missionary Church.

Financial Services

Don Williams
Director of Operations

Financial Services handles the business and financial related areas of the Missionary Church.