Jesus never asked us to plant churches, he instead asked us to make disciples. He even took the pressure off when he said, “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). His focus was that he would build the church out of our disciple-making results. What Jesus was saying in effect was, if you make disciples, you always get the church. But if you make a church, you might not get disciples.

Most of us have not seen churches birthed out of a movement of disciples who make disciples. This begs the question, are disciples the only thing that Jesus seems to care about? I would go as far as to say it’s the only thing that Jesus is really counting. While we count our attendance, or budget, or acres of land. Jesus would ask the question, “are you making disciples, who make disciples, who are living transformed Kingdom lives?”

Most of us would have to admit that we are not making disciples, or the disciples that we have made are not making disciples. Further more most of us are not living lives focused on the Kingdom of God. At best most of us are only focused on doing church. What will it take for us to shift the focus of our churches to making disciples the way that Jesus made disciples?

People desperately need their lives to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. This occurs when you make disciples who make disciples. There is no task that you will undertake that is greater than being a part of launching a disciples-making church in your community.

The purpose of the Ignite network is to help you to build a culture that produces and reproduces disciples.


A global network of nobodies extending the news of God’s reckless grace.



We connect proclaimers of Good News through in-person and online platforms. We’re in this together.


Through our media and courses, we help people find the language they need to be part of the Good News.


With the Good News as our teacher, we are learning the art of friendship through local and regional events.


No, it’s not misspelled; the “x” in Actx stands for multiply. Multiplication is at the heart of our ministry philosophy. The vision of Actx Network is to become an Acts 1:8 movement, multiplying the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. It is our call, passion, and focus to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches, and we desire to do this locally, nationally, and globally for the glory of God. While it is critical for any group to grow, the secret to developing a strong and sustained ministry is multiplication.


Why Actx Network?

Actx Network is great choice for those looking for support and accountability while maintaining the flexibility of a nondenominational ministry. We bring this help without suppressing our churches with “red tape” and restrictive organization. Like myriads of leaders in the past, we believe there are times for new works. Actx Network is a new work — a movement — that allows for versatility and growth in an environment of freedom, responsibility, and accountability.

Church Planting

A key component of the Actx Network vision is church planting. Church planting is one of the most effective forms of evangelism and is a necessary vehicle for the continued expansion of the good news and the fulfillment of Jesus’ commission to “go and make disciples.” In order to impact an area with the gospel, you need one biblical, life-giving church for every 1,000 urban residents and one for every 500 rural residents. Effective evangelism through church planting among under-evangelized people groups must be a priority for the church in our day.