Refugees at Our Door

What is our Response?

Love the Lord with all your Heart and Love your Neighbor as Yourself


  1. Pray for “a heart for foreigners.”
  2. Pray for a “Person of Peace.”
  3. Contact the Missionary Church, Steve Harrigan or Bob Andrews to learn what is going on in your area.
  4. Get involved as the Holy Spirit leads you.
  5. Expect God for fruit.
  6. Prepare to disciple new believers.

This may be a blessing orchestrated by God to fulfill The Great Commission!

SPLASH:  Get your feet wet. Let them know you love them. Provide something that they need like basic furniture and living needs.  Do a “Welcome to the community.”  Give school supplies. Patronize their stores.

SWIM: Go into deeper water. Get to know them by name. Visit them in their homes. Help them with homework, ESL or a job search. Drink tea or coffee with them. Invite them to your home to eat. Learn some of their language, culture and religion. Befriend them.

RESCUE:   Know how to share your testimony and the Gospel in  a culturally relevant way. Get a partner in ministry to serve along side of you.  Study ways to communicate Truth, not just dump Bible verses on them. Ask others who are more experienced to mentor you. Read books and get resources about ministering to those from other religions. Do not be afraid to share your faith in Jesus Christ.


God Commands His People:

Deuteronomy 10:19 — Love the foreigner

Deuteronomy 14:28,29 — Bring tithes to bless the foreigner among you.

Deuteronomy 31:12 — Assemble with the foreigner to listen to God’s Word.

Deuteronomy 16:11 — Invite the foreigner to holidays and festivals.

Deuteronomy 24:19 — Take care of the physical needs of the foreigner.

Acts Chapter 2 — It was the foreigners living in Jerusalem who first responded to the Gospel.

Acts 17:26-27 — God is the one who determines where people will live and how they will be exposed to His message of love and redemption.

Ephesians Chapter 2 –We were all once strangers and foreigners and enemies to the Kingdom of God.

Then JESUS made a way for us to become:

 Citizens    |     Children    |     Heirs



Dean Bayen: “I fled Ethiopia as a refugee during a civil war and was able to come to California.  Because I was a refugee, life was very difficult. Through a series of events a homeless man shared Jesus with me and my roommate. After an internal struggle with my Islamic faith, I gave my life to Christ. A few years later I met Saba, my beautiful Ethiopian wife, and God has blessed us with four wonderful children.  We eventually went back as missionaries to Ethiopia for a number of years. We opened schools for children and developed discipleship materials for church leaders in the local language. We now attend Fellowship Missionary Church and minister to people who come through our Ethiopian restaurant ‘The Queen of Sheba.’”

Vum Tung: “I grew up among the Zo ethnic tribe from the mountains of Myanmar. My grandfather was a snake worshiper and followed the evil spirits. But I was raised a cultural Christian like many of the Zo Burmese.  Then in 2003 I gave my life to Christ.  The civil conflict in Myanmar made many of us flee as refugees to Malaysia. Recently I moved to Fort Wayne with my family. We are part of a very large Burmese refugee community in Fort Wayne made up of Muslims, Christians and Buddhists. I now want to help the other Burmese come to know Christ in a personal way. In Fort Wayne last year 30 of our Zo Burmese community gave their lives to Jesus and were born again.”

James Masasu:  “I fled the genocide in Congo and became a refugee living in a refugee camp, standing in line for food and not knowing my future. I was separated from my other family members and God brought me to my knees in many ways. I used to be a rich businessman and chased after money, but after coming to Fort Wayne I have given my life to serve the Lord.  The Lord has blessed me with my wife, Devota, who is my ministry partner along with 5 healthy sons.  We now serve the other refugees living in Fort Wayne and have become caregivers to many of them.”