It’s Time to Multiply

For several years we have been planting an average of 30 churches a year. That’s about to change. The multiplication of disciples and churches is going to bring tremendous growth. We don’t anticipate any single individual will write a check to cover the total need. That would be nice but the reality is God uses the humble and the simple. If we are available, God can use us.

Isaiah 60:22 says, “The least of you will become a thousand.” That’s the way God works through his people.

We are asking you to be one of an initial 1,000 people who will give a monthly share of $25 to church multiplication. That small commitment will enable us to respond to our current opportunity of planting 130 or more churches in the next 18-24 months.

Within five years our goal is to have 2,500 people giving monthly shares of $25 to continue to allow us to multiply disciples and churches to fulfill the mission God has given the Missionary Church.

You may be able to give two shares or four shares per month. Your church may be able to give five or ten shares per month.

To set up automated withdrawal from your bank account, please fill out this form and mail to: PO Box 9127
Fort Wayne, IN 46899-9127


To give using credit card, use give button below.

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