PrayLink | Oct. 25, 2016

RUSSIA: Pray for JOHN GERIG as he prepares for a teen ministry conference and leader training weekend he will lead in November. INDIA: Pray for a PARTNER of World Partners […]

RUSSIA: Pray for JOHN GERIG as he prepares for a teen ministry conference and leader training weekend he will lead in November.

INDIA: Pray for a PARTNER of World Partners who is conducting a discipleship training this week in India with thirty-six attendees. Pray they would take to heart the Great Commission and make disciples who make disciples.

IRELAND: Pray for CAROLYN FUDGE as she has appointments preparing for her knee replacement surgery on November 8. RANDY has joined Carolyn in the U.S. Pray for him as he is experiencing difficulties with his eyes due to the change in air pressure of his flights. The Fudges will return to Ireland in late December.

GUINEA: DAWN CLUCKIE requests prayer for Tenen, a young girl in Guinea, who she has been teaching to read. While Dawn is in the U.S. on Home Ministry Assignment, Tenen is practicing her reading with Mamata, a pastor’s wife. Pray Tenen would continue to read and learn about Jesus through her readings.

MIDDLE EAST: A STAFF MEMBER requests prayer for Kameran. The staff member had a conversation about God’s promise of reunification with believing loved ones came up as a mutual friend passed away. The staff member requests prayer for God’s guidance as he considers his next steps in his conversations with Kameran.

UNITED STATES: Pray for BILL JONES as he finishes up work on a “Menu of Preparation Possibilities for Bethel Students Going Abroad.” Pray it would be useful for Bethel College Task Force Teams, Semester Abroad Students, and Interns who serve cross-culturally.

MYANMAR: A PARTNER of World Partners request prayer for two women who accepted Christ. Pray for them as they learn more about and grow in their faith in Christ.

EUROPE: Pray for a World Partners AFFILIATE’s daughter, Ellisha, who has been extremely ill and was given medication by a doctor which caused additional issues. Pray Ellisha does not have any internal damage and that she would recover.

ASIA: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER who has dengue fever. Pray she would heal and that she would be able to find time to rest and recover as her schedule is hectic.

CYPRUS: Pray for IVAN and ZANA KALABRIC’s young son, Mateo, who recently had surgery due to a severe bowel infection and inflammation. He was just released from the hospital where he had been in ICU for two weeks. The mass in his stomach was sent off for histological analysis and the results will come back in approximately one week. Pray the mass is benign. Pray for Ivan, Zana, and Mateo as they continue down this path together.

JAPAN: Pray for RUSS EPLEY as he recently fell and now his brain is bleeding in the area where he had his stroke over ten years ago. His heartbeat is also irregular and he is not sleeping well. In addition, the blood vessels in his heart have narrowed and he needs to have a balloon procedure in his heart to open the vessels. However, he cannot have this procedure until the medication he takes to thin his blood is out of his system. The doctor is concerned he will lose the muscle tone and strength he has worked hard to achieve since his stroke. FLOSSIE EPLEY believes that all of this will require several months of hospitalization and a significant setback in mobilization. Pray for Russ and Flossie during this difficult time.

Pray for and join STEPHEN and GAYLE BURGSTAHLER as they share about their ministry at Bethel Community Church in Xenia, Ohio, on October 30 and in the evening at Bible Way Church in Gary, Indiana, on November 1.

Pray for and join BRUCE and DAWN CLUCKIE as they share about their ministry at Beulah Missionary Church in Goshen, Indiana, on October 30.

Pray for and join THEO and BRI MAKOMBE as they share their ministry vision at the Assemblies of God Church in Beulah, North Dakota, on October 30.