PrayLink | November 29, 2016

GUINEA: Pray for travel safety for JIM and DAWN ANDERSON as they begin their trip to Conakry today. While in the city they will be hosting a security seminar. They […]

GUINEA: Pray for travel safety for JIM and DAWN ANDERSON as they begin their trip to Conakry today. While in the city they will be hosting a security seminar. They are in charge of the seminar which will have twenty-eight attendees from four countries as well as facilitators for the seminar. Pray for Jim and Dawn as they care for the logistics and that the seminar runs well.

UNITED STATES: NAT BROWN is leading a discipleship training in Cuba from December 2-12. Nat is pressing forward with his plans in the wake of Fidel Castro’s death. Trying to get to the place where the training is taking place could be a logistical and monetary challenge for the Cubans attending due to the uncertainty in the country. The funds set aside for the training may now not be enough due to the chaos occurring. Pray those individuals planning to attend would be able to easily get to the training. Pray also for Nat and those joining with him to lead the training.

SOUTH EAST ASIA: Praise! A STAFF MEMBER reports the carnival went well at the local fishing village and over 400 individuals attended. The staff member is excited as this carnival helps open relational doors into the community.

CAMEROON: Pray for DAVID and DIANE BJORK as the neighborhood where they live has had water distributed only once from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. every three to four days. During these hours, David and Diane try to collect enough water in buckets and cans to last the days needed. These hours are also the only time laundry can be done. This is creating added stress and sleepless nights for the Bjorks. Pray this situation will be resolved soon.

GUINEA: The GUINEA TEAM requests prayer for Sekuba and Binti from the village of Maxanya. This couple has professed faith in Jesus, but they have not continued to grow in their faith. Pray their interest in God would be ignited and the would want to continue to learn more about the gospel.

BULGARIA: SARAH HAWKINS is part of an international Christmas choir that will be performing on December 4. The concert is designed to be an outreach to Bulgarians. Pray God will use this in tremendous ways.

UNITED STATES: BILL and DEBBIE JONES have concluded leading Breaking Free 101 for the semester on the Bethel College campus. Pray that all the attendees involved would maintain how Christ “freed them” over the last nine weeks and share it with others in the month ahead. On Sunday, December 4, Bill and Debbie will share with the high school students of St. Mark Missionary Church. They will focus on discipleship and discipleship multiplication during their time. Pray the students would catch a vision for making disciples.

BULGARIA: PETE and URSULA HUBLEY have started a weekly inductive Bible study for youth. Pray for the youth as they discuss and learn how to apply the Word of God to their daily lives. Pray also for Pete and Ursula as they figure out how to best serve them. Also, Ursula and Eliana will both be singing at their church on December 17 during an English Praise and Worship night. Pete and Ursula are going to invite their English Club students to come to the worship night. Pray the will accept their invitation and that they will not experience any opposition from their families. Pray that the students will experience the love of Christ during the service.

MIDDLE EAST: Praise! A PARTNER of World Partners reports that thirteen people have received Christ and seven individuals have been baptized!

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