PrayLink | March 22, 2016

MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER who is joining a medical team in the Middle East to minister to refugees. The team will also train a select group of like-minded men […]

MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER who is joining a medical team in the Middle East to minister to refugees. The team will also train a select group of like-minded men and women from the region in disaster response and transformational community development, so they will be better prepared to help displaced families return home once it is safe.

CAMEROON: From March 31 through the first days of April, DAVID BJORK will lead a disciple-making workshop for the Evangelical Church of Cameroon. This is the first of two workshops that are planned for this congregation of 3,000 individuals. The workshop will equip congregants to intentionally pattern their lives after that of Jesus. On April 1, David will give a presentation at the first meeting of the Cameroon Evangelical Missiological Network on the theme of the importance and challenges of missions in Cameroon. Pray he would know how to best address this question.

EUROPE: RICK DUGAN requests prayer for those carrying on the work of the gospel in Cyprus and Europe.

CYPRUS: Pray for MADARA DUGAN as she has her citizenship interview this Thursday, March 24. Continue to pray for RICK DUGAN’s complete healing from surgery along with wisdom on the part of the doctors. Pray Rick would not grow discouraged as he must rest and recover from surgery and as he awaits the iodine radiation treatment which is to begin soon.

UNITED STATES: Pray for BILL JONES as he meets tonight with the men in the Missions/Discipleship House at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. Pray for this group as they focus on how they can be more intentional in connecting those they disciple to God, the Church, and God’s purpose for their lives as they grow in their relationship with Christ.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as she shows the Jesus film this week to her English as a Second Language class. Next week, she will present the gospel to them. Please be in prayer for open hearts, clear understanding, and that the women in the class will believe in Jesus for their salvation.

BULGARIA: Praise! JOSH and SARAH HAWKINS found a new church and are excited to worship in it this Sunday. The people were welcoming and loving towards the Hawkins family. Also, continue to pray for the Hawkins as they learn the Bulgarian language. Recently, Josh finished his first Bulgarian textbook with his language tutor and proceeded to have a long conversation in Bulgarian about March Madness and its traditions.

EUROPE: Pray for a STAFF MEMBER as she works out details to begin in a partnership with an Algerian businesswoman who offers language classes. This is a professional context which is very different from what the staff member is accustomed to, so pray for wisdom and that the relationship would become strong, and for open doors for the staff member to share her faith.

SPAIN: TIM and RUTH STUCK have safely arrived in the U.S. for Home Ministry Assignment through June 23.

UNITED STATES: Join STEVE and SHEILA HARRIGAN from 8:30-9:30 a.m. at Fellowship Missionary Church, Room #106, Fort Wayne, Indiana, on any Sunday between now and May 29 to pray against strongholds in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. This is a follow up to the year plus prayer against the Ebola virus and preparing the way for any short-term teams sent in the future. If you cannot pray with the group in person, a West Africa Network Facebook page is also available.

Pray for the people of Brussels as they deal with the uncertainty and devastation caused by the recent terror attacks. Our prayers are with the families of the injured and our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.