PrayLink | Feb. 14, 2017

ASIA: Pray for travel safety for DAVE MANN, RICK DUGAN, and TAMI SWYMELER as they travel to Asia today. GUINEA: Pray for safety for BRUCE CLUCKIE as he travels to […]

ASIA: Pray for travel safety for DAVE MANN, RICK DUGAN, and TAMI SWYMELER as they travel to Asia today.

GUINEA: Pray for safety for BRUCE CLUCKIE as he travels to Guinea on February 15 with ministry partners. The group will be traveling to Senegal, Mali, and northern Guinea through February 27. Pray for unity of heart and mind among the travelers who are from different missions and backgrounds. Pray also for protection, energy, wisdom, and Spirit-ordained situations where they can share Jesus’ love. Pray for DAWN CLUCKIE and the family as they are in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

SIERRA LEONE: Pray for STEVE and SHEILA HARRIGAN, Mike Harrigan, Carole Feay, Jessica Harrigan, Linda Schrenk, and Hanna Schrenk as they are in Sierra Leone and this week will be visiting local high schools to set up a remote wireless access to a database library of teaching resources. This will allow students access to learning materials and teachers the use of teaching aids.

CAMEROON: Pray for DAVID BJORK as he hosts an African Forum on Discipleship today through February 17. The issues discussed will be related to disciple making in Africa. David thanks the groups, World Partners, MEEC, FGM, FACTEC, CMCI, YWAM, CAPRO/AMI-CAM, and others who are partnering to anchor the conference. May the Lord bless them.

CAPE TOWN: STEPHEN and GAYLE BURGSTAHLER request prayer for healing from wounds of the past among pastors in Western Cape Town. Racial reconciliation through Christ is needed. Pray also for wisdom for Stephen and Gayle as they minister in Cape Town.

BULGARIA: Pray for JOSH HAWKINS as he has started mentoring a student and will be meeting with him via Skype to work through his calling and what God has to say to him about missions.

ASIA: A STAFF MEMBER requests prayer that their Grade One class in English Club would have more attendees. Pray as the team recruits more youth to attend. Pray also as the English Club teaching team is in the process of inviting others to join the team. Pray for the STAFF COUPLE as they are organizing and leading many ministry events in the coming months.

MIDDLE EAST: Pray for a STAFF COUPLE and the individuals they come into contact with daily. Outside of their building, a small family waits by the dumpster daily hoping that those taking out the trash will give them something. Pray for the staff member as he greets this family daily and shows compassion and concern.

IRELAND: Pray for RANDY FUDGE as he has surgery on his left eye on February 17.

GUINEA: Praise! DAWN ANDERSON reports that Baby Gnyma had a successful surgery and has been released from the hospital. A boy who had cleft lip surgery has also been released. Pray also for Jim and Dawn Anderson as they enter the hot season in West Africa. They request prayer that they would extend grace to themselves and others during the hot weather.

SPAIN: Praise! DON and JUDY DAY have found an apartment in Cangas, Spain, and will take possession on March 15.

GUINEA: The GUINEA TEAM requests prayer for Sayon from the village of Yatia. Pray God would fill Sayon with His Spirit, so that he would be wise in his endeavors and bold in sharing Jesus. Pray God’s protection over him and his family.

Pray for the World Partners staff as those coming back to the U.S. this summer for Home Ministry Assignment are currently scheduling dates to visit with donors.