PrayLink | April 20, 2016

SPAIN: Our condolences to MARK and CARLA HANSON on the loss of their nephew, Josh Hall, who passed away on April 18, 2016. Pray for Mark and Carla as they […]

SPAIN: Our condolences to MARK and CARLA HANSON on the loss of their nephew, Josh Hall, who passed away on April 18, 2016. Pray for Mark and Carla as they are far from their family during this difficult time and for the family as they grieve their loss.

BULGARIA: A volunteer team from the U.S. is currently in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, teaching baseball and “Leadership On and Off the Field” to students at three schools. This topic will allow PETE and URSULA HUBLEY to continue further discussions with the students about character, morals, and ingrity, which can lead into further spiritual discussions. PETE and URSULA, TROY AMSTUTZ, an intern with Pete and Ursula, and BLAKE and NATE HUBLEY are assisting and hosting the team during their time in Kazanlak. Pray for favorable weather conditions so no contact time with the students is lost.

CYPRUS: Praise! MADARA DUGAN will become a U.S. citizen and have her swearing in ceremony on May 6 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Rick, Madara, and Noah are scheduled to leave the U.S. on May 6 to return to Cyprus. Continue to pray for RICK DUGAN as he is in isolation due to the radioactive iodine treatments he received as part of the regimen treatment for his thyroid cancer. Rick is apart from Madara and Noah Dugan during his isolation. Pray for Rick as he experiences aches and pains and for the family as they are apart from each other. They are are currently in the U.S.

INDIA: Praise! A PARTNER of World Partners reports twenty-two baptisms that have taken place recently. Pray for the spiritual growth of these individuals. The partner also requests prayer for the laborers who are toiling for the expansion of His kingdom.

BULGARIA: Pray for URSULA HUBLEY as she beings meeting with Nicole, an individual who recently helped the Hubleys clean the baseball field before the team arrived. Pray for PETE HUBLEY as he regularly meets with two men who are unbelievers. Pray also for Pete and Ursula as they go through the residency process.

URUGUAY: TIM and SUSANA GRETSCHMANN have shared the Gospel with Solange, Renzo, and Maximiliano. Pray God would work in the lives of these individuals and give Tim and Susana more opportunities to share with them. Pray also that Tim would receive his identity card next week.

AUSTRIA: Pray for an AFFILIATE as he continues to work with refugees and intentionally pursue acts of love and kindness towards them in the name of Christ. The Affiliate requests prayer that “all believers will see global migration as an act of God to move people to our doorsteps of safety where He will use us to make Him known.”

SIERRA LEONE: Pray for STEVE and SHEILA HARRIGAN as they prepare to do a prayer walk in Sierra Leone in May with another couple, Aaron and Min. The group will be praying against strongholds the Lord shows them as well as the many needs amongst the people of Sierra Leone.

UNITED STATES: Pray for THEO and BRIANA MAKOMBE as they speak on May 1 at Grace Missionary Church in Celina, Ohio.

ECUADOR: Pray for the families devastated by the earthquake in Ecuador. Pray for thos who have lost loved ones, the injured, and those who have lost their home and earthly belongings.

URUGUAY: Pray for the people of Uruguay as there have been tornadoes, flooding, and hail this week and many have lost their homes.

PrayLink will not be published next Tuesday, April 26. It will resume publication on May 3, 2016.