PrayFirst | January 16, 2017

PrayFirst! A ministry of the Missionary Church, USA from MC National Prayer Coordinator, Rev. Tom Swank January 16, 2017 NEW YEAR, NEW LOOK … The outset of a new year […]


A ministry of the Missionary Church, USA
from MC National Prayer Coordinator, Rev. Tom Swank
January 16, 2017


The outset of a new year is a great time to introduce a few changes in our national prayer ministry. It is my privilege to assume the role of MC National Prayer Coordinator, and I encourage you to contact me at any time if you have suggestions, questions, or concerns related to this ministry.

Because past prayer updates have focused primarily on requests and praises from around the world, Global Prayer Network seemed a fitting name for the ministry of our prayer coordinators. However, you’ll notice that this year we hope to expand our prayer focus to include nation-wide concerns of the Missionary Church. With the additional focus and with a desire to raise the priority of prayer, we’re adopting a new ministry name — Prayer First!

You will still receive the regular global updates. However, at least once a month we will include prayer requests from leaders of the Missionary Church. During our conference calls, we would like to include these denominational prayer requests.

Finally, to be good stewards of our resources and to take advantage of more recent technological advances, we’re going to use Zoom (similar to Skype) for our monthly prayer coordinators’ conference calls. Zoom will allow people to participate by telephone (land line or cell phone) as in the past; but those with an internet connection, microphone, and speakers will also have the option to participate in an audio-video call. Complete participation instructions are provided below, but don’t hesitate to let us know if have any trouble. We want to make this change as easy as possible for you.

Rev. Tom Swank
Missionary Church, National Prayer Coordinator
[email protected]


My wife, Sue, has been battling a cold and fatigue that continues to linger. Please pray for healing, good health, and stamina for our busy travel season.
Four of the next five weeks Sue and I will be traveling–Florida, Hawaii, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Please pray for good health, energy, safe travels, and God’s anointing as we minister to many.
The annual prayer retreat for the leaders of the denomination (Ministry Leadership Council and General Oversight Council) is slated for the last week of January with no agenda other than to spend the week in prayer together. Please ask God to grant each participant a spirit of expectancy and an eagerness to hear what God wants to say to us. Pray too that we will catch a renewed sense of God’s presence and a renewed passion for following after God.
Please pray for our neighbors and their continued openness to meet with us for Bible study. Pray that these dear friends will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and will become radical disciples for Jesus.
Pray for our regional directors throughout the United States as they deal with several delicate ministry situations in local churches.
Multiplying of disciples — Pray for pastors and church leaders to catch a fresh wind of the Spirit to focus on making disciples.
Multiplying of churches — More than 130 projects are in the works for the next two years.
Multiplying of networks — Several networks are getting underway (Cultivate network in Minnesota; Ignite network in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Tri-Cities; Table network in Chicago area, Raleigh & eastern North Carolina, Florida, and West coast).
Pacific Rim Conference, February 10-11 — Retiring Regional Director Steve Zurcher will pass the baton to new leaders to be selected at this conference. They’ll also introduce a new structure with three networks (launching a new network in Guam).
“It’s Time to Multiply” is raising funds — seeking $25 monthly shares from 1000 people initially, hopefully growing to a support group of at least 2500. Funding requests will go out around January 23.
Debbie Grider, wife of US Ministries team leader Rev. Dan Grider, had major carotid artery surgery on January 11. Please pray for healing.
Pray for pastors and church leaders to strengthen their connection with God so we may hear His voice and obey His directives.
Central Region is beginning a renewed focus on strengthening churches called reMission. A pilot church in the Chicago area will be starting the process with Ken Snyder on January 21, and Dan Riemenschneider will assist.