The Missionary Church is committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Great Commission.

As a result we are focused on multiplying disciples to the fourth generation. Once disciple multiplication reaches the fourth generation the process is no longer dependent on the initial disciple maker and movements are launched. We depend completely on God to use his Holy Spirit to work through us to accomplish this mission. We have seen God do amazing things. In the past 25 years the Missionary Church has grown from 300 to more than 500 churches. In recent years we have been the fastest growing small denomination in the United States. We have been starting 25-35 churches a year. Now multiplication is beginning to change everything. At this point there are more than 130 church plants in the planning stages for the next 18-24 months. All are being birthed from a vision to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. These are days of great potential. We need your help. We need your prayers. We need your financial support. I encourage you to read through this booklet, listen for the heart of what God is doing and then join us in fulfilling God’s mission.

It’s time to multiply!

The Problem

We need more support.

We are committed to multiplying disciples, churches and networks of churches. In the past we have been in addition mode. Now multiplication is bringing growth at a much more rapid rate. We were planting 25-35 churches a year. Now we are looking at 130 or more in just 18-24 months. It’s great news but it also creates great need. We have an effective church multiplication strategy that includes building a prayer base, assessing, training, coaching and networking. The vast majority of our church planters are bi-vocational. They work or raise their own support. Planters are rarely paid any salary or benefits by the parent church, district, region or national office. They are ministering sacrificially for the cause of Christ from the very beginning. We do commit to covering the costs involved in assessing, training, coaching and networking. Based on the model and style of the new church, when a church is ready to launch public worship services we try to assist with the costs involved. Often the cost we try to cover nationally is between $6,000 and $15,000. As the number of new church plants per year multiplies 4-5 times we need significantly more funds. In the next 18-24 months we need to increase the giving for church multiplication to approximately $1.5 million. We receive about 50% of that through current giving. This is where you can join us.

Disciples that make disciples. Churches that make churches.

North Ridge Community Church | Johnson City, TN
In the summer of 2008, a few families began meeting to plan for the launch of a different kind of church. They believed that Johnson City desperately needed churches that were biblically sound but also culturally relevant. North Ridge Community Church had its grand opening in the fall of 2009. North Ridge desires to be a church planting church.  For that reason, in January 2014 they launched their West Market campus. Its public launch had over 230 people! And it didn’t stop there… In the fall of 2015 they launched their Erwin Campus.  This was the first church plant the town had seen in over twenty-five years. The new church is the largest church in town. The fourth church, Gray Campus, is in the pipeline and will be launching in 2017.

“We don’t start churches to make disciples. We start churches by making disciples.” -Dr. Dave DeVries

Chris Bogart | Erwin Campus

This is the first church plant the town has seen in over twenty-five years.  The leaders were raised up out of the local community.  The pastor is the principal of the local high school. The core of the church came out of a disciple-making culture of the mother church in Johnson City.  Many of those who have come to Christ had assumed that they were Christians.  As the group began to have spiritual conversations with the locals many discovered that they needed to come to Christ. The Erwin campus is growing quickly and provides a unique environment in the Erwin/Unicoi area.

Blane Gossey | Gray Campus

At the age of 22, Blane is one of our youngest planters. He is using his reputation as a well known local athlete to build relationships in the community in which he grew up.  Blane is planting his church among young adults who are graduating from the local regional university and young suburban professionals who are moving into the area because of the strong job market. He has assembled a great group of young leaders who are focused on making disciples.

North Ridge is just one of many of our churches that are beginning to mulitply not only disciples, but entire churches. God is starting a movement of multiplication within Missionary Churches that’s becoming unstoppable. We don’t want to see anything stand in the way. That’s why we need your support to launch 130+ new churches in 2017.

You can be the solution

For several years we have been planting an average of 30 churches a year. That’s about to change. The multiplication of disciples and churches is going to bring tremendous growth. We don’t anticipate any single individual will write a check to cover the total need. That would be nice but the reality is God uses the humble and the simple. If we are available, God can use us.

Isaiah 60:22 says, “The least of you will become a thousand.”

That’s the way God works through his people. I am asking you to be one of an initial 1,000 people who will give a monthly share of $25 to church multiplication. That small commitment will enable us to respond to our current opportunity of planting 130 or more churches in the next 18-24 months. Within five years our goal is to have 2,500 people giving monthly shares of $25 to continue to allow us to multiply disciples and churches to fulfill the mission God has given the Missionary Church. You may be able to give two shares or four shares per month. Your church may be able to give five or ten shares per month.

There are 225 million unchurched people in America.
Now is the time. We are the people.
MULTIPLY disciples who MULTIPLY disciples.

New Churches Launched

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Ways to Give

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