Many have prayed for the end to abortion and the reversal of Roe v Wade. Christians and non-Christians alike have marched in protest to the killing of innocent lives through abortion. Here is an opportunity to see how God can change the hearts of those involved in this holocaust of innocent lives. This is a […]


Throughout the centuries God has brought periodic revivals to the Church. Most of us have heard of the “Great Awakenings” during which God breathed new life into His Church and thousands of people came to faith in Christ. There have been other revivals such as the Welsh revival that had such an impact on the […]

Collegiate Day of Prayer

FEBRUARY 28 “As the students go, so goes our nation! If we win the spiritual battles across our nation but neglect our college campuses, all our progress will be undone in a generation. Therefore, students today need our support and earnest prayers. Throughout American history our colleges have been repeatedly blessed and transformed by intense seasons […]


We praise the Lord for the way in which He met us last September at Bethel College for the first Prayer Awakening. Those who attended were blessed and the commitment to prayer has expanded in many areas. We want to continue to fan the flames of prayer in the Missionary Church and develop a culture […]


Jesus had twelve disciples, and one day, nine of them got into a serious situation which God used to answer the question which we have all wondered: “Do I have enough faith?” It happened this way: Jesus had divided the disciples into two groups—three in one group and the remaining nine in the other. He […]

God Always Provides

God Always Provides

A secure staff couple in Asia recently had an official meeting with a local church to inquire whether the church body would like to cooperate with the couple in ministry. Two years earlier the staff couple had asked the church if they would pray for them as they initiated a new ministry project. The church […]

Blessing Your Missionaries

We know that you and your congregation enjoy blessing World Partners’ missionaries while they are both on the field and during Home Ministry Assignment (HMA). Below are some ideas from World Partners about how to connect with and be a blessing to your missionaries! While they are on the field: Respond to your missionary’s newsletters […]


MinistryPulse™ is an easy-to-use app for your phone, powered by Full Strength Network. This tool strengthens and encourages pastors, ministry leaders, and their families. It was created to help sensitize you to the issues and events in everyday pastoral life that deplete leadership vitality and erode your ability to thrive and flourish under the heavy […]

WP Advisory Committee

In August 2018 the World Partners Advisory Committee met for the first time. This group of men and women has a strong commitment to seeing the ministry of World Partners continue to expand into new areas by helping local Missionary Churches engage in the Great Commission. Each committee member represents a United States Missionary Church […]


One of the ways to encourage people to pray is by providing resources that will assist them in praying beyond their personal needs. It is also helpful to give them a focus and even a time frame for that focus. Seek God for the City provides a focus and a time frame for people to […]