What is wrong with the logic in this? In God’s presence is fullness of joy. (Psalm 16:11) All humans live in God’s presence (since God is present everywhere). Therefore, all humans have fullness of joy. Obviously, something must be wrong here! You don’t have to be a Bible expert to know that sentence #3 is […]


Websites are designed for a variety of reasons. According to Forbes some are created to sell products and services. Others are designed to generate leads – to create a broader “customer” base. A third kind of web site is to establish credentials – to let visitors to the site know who you are – your […]

It is a Prayer Awakening

I had the privilege of attending the Tuesday night prayer meeting at the Brooklyn Tabernacle a few years ago with some friends. We arrived around noon and was served lunch by some of the staff. We spent most of the afternoon asking questions about the prayer ministry of this great church. The prayer meeting was […]


As I wrote that title, it occurred to me that there would be those who have no idea what a “family altar” is. It was a common term when I was still living at home. It had different meanings and images for different families but most know that a “family altar” meant that there was […]

Support for the Mission… The Great Commission

The Missionary Church is committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Great Commission.  As a result we are focused on multiplying disciples to the fourth generation.  Once disciple multiplication reaches the fourth generation the process is no longer dependent on the initial disciple maker and movements are launched. We depend completely on God to […]

When Believers Should Step Out of Line

We have a phrase in English when we disapprove of something that someone does. We say that they are “out of line.” We might say to someone, “When you told the judge exactly what you thought of him in court today, you were way out of line.” And what we mean is, “You were wrong.” […]


In just a few weeks students will be headed back to school. How will you prepare them for the social and spiritual challenges they will face? Whether you are a parent, pastor, youth leader, or Sunday school teacher you know that students’ faith is regularly challenged and the social pressures are huge. Our schools are […]

Financial Help Needed

Financial support enables missionaries to plan more effectively while helping you, their ministry partner, plan your giving on a regular basis. Your financial support is crucial in helping our missionaries succeed in growing disciples worldwide. Make an eternal difference, give today! The following staff members are currently in the U.S. for home ministry assignment and need to raise […]


Our human history began in a real place on earth—a geographic space that we call the Garden of Eden. The Hebrew word that we translate garden means a “guarded” or “protected” place. The word referred to a place about which you cared enough to enclose or protect in some way. I suppose we could just […]

Prayer for Camps

Summer is the time for family camps, children’s camps, youth camps and conferences. The Missionary Church has a rich history of “camp meetings.” Thousands of lives have been impacted through these extended times away from the routines of life. One of my personal memories of camp goes to Ludlow Falls, Ohio. Before the evening service, […]