Hansons Retire From World Partners

Mark and Carla Hanson retired from World Partners on July 31, 2019. They have been part of World Partners for twenty years, since November 1998. In 2001, they began their ministry in Quito, Ecuador, serving as house parents in the dorms at Alliance Academy. Carla taught a few classes at the academy over the course […]

PLI Fall Semester

Registration deadline is Sunday, August 11, 2019. Whether pursuing MC credentials or seeking spiritual development, meeting prescribed educational requirements or selectively cherry-picking, PLI courses could provide just what you’re looking for! All courses meet weekly in an online classroom and include required reading, assigned writing, and hands-on projects. ENROLL >       APPLY >   […]

The Church and the Ox-Cart // II Samuel 6:1-15

Note from the President: May God bless you today. Many have asked for a copy of my message from Shift in which I challenge the Missionary Church to explore a path toward wider participation by the body of Christ, rather than just having our pastors shoulder the entire load.   In II Samuel 6, a […]

Recap of World Partners Meetings, SHIFT Conference, and Retreat

The World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinators from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa (MENA), and North America gathered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from July 1-5. The discussions at the meeting revolved around discipleship and how disciples are being made in their areas. During discussions it was discovered that nine areas of the world […]


According to a study by Lifeway Research, 13% of pastors that were interviewed in 2005 had left ministry within 10 years of their study. The study identified several factors leading to pastor attrition. More common factors include: conflict, family, burnout, moral lapse, and poor fit. Over the course of nearly 50 years of ministry I […]


Corporate mid-week prayer meetings and Sunday morning pastoral prayers have gone the way of hymnals and pews. It isn’t that we are opposed to corporate prayer or pastoral prayer as a part of worship; it seems that we have just “moved on” from some old traditions.  There are likely numerous reasons for the demise of […]

RSCs, SHIFT Conference, and Retreat

The World Partners’ Regional Strategy Coordinators from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America will gather in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from July 1-5. The discussions at the meeting will revolve around discipleship and how disciples are being made in their areas. A World Partners’ Regional Strategy Coordinator is an individual who strategizes with the World Partners’ […]

Financial Support Needed

The following staff members are currently in the U.S. for Home Ministry Assignment and need to raise additional support before returning to the field:   Bruce and Dawn Cluckie                                                                      Guinea Shaun and Angie Futch                                                                         Thailand John and Julie Gerig                                                                               Russia Josh and Sarah Hawkins                                                                       Bulgaria Pete and Ursula Hubley                                                                         Bulgaria […]


I have vivid childhood memories of prayer meetings in my home church. The pastor or one of the deacons began with a passage of Scripture – very little teaching, just a reading of the passage. There were prayer requests and while we prayed for the sick, there was a strong focus on praying for those […]


I love the fact that God created us to live in community and created a community for us called the Church.  As challenging as it can be at times to live in community, God established His Church, the Body of Christ, as a “community” of believers that we might reflect the character of Christ.  It […]