MinistryPulse™ is an easy-to-use app for your phone, powered by Full Strength Network. This tool strengthens and encourages pastors, ministry leaders, and their families. It was created to help sensitize you to the issues and events in everyday pastoral life that deplete leadership vitality and erode your ability to thrive and flourish under the heavy […]

WP Advisory Committee

In August 2018 the World Partners Advisory Committee met for the first time. This group of men and women has a strong commitment to seeing the ministry of World Partners continue to expand into new areas by helping local Missionary Churches engage in the Great Commission. Each committee member represents a United States Missionary Church […]


One of the ways to encourage people to pray is by providing resources that will assist them in praying beyond their personal needs. It is also helpful to give them a focus and even a time frame for that focus. Seek God for the City provides a focus and a time frame for people to […]

“JUST DO IT” in the New Year!

We are all familiar with this famous Nike slogan – “Just Do it!” That was my first reaction to a question someone recently posed about what advice I would give to a believer regarding prayer. Prayer is not complicated. Just do it! We have this invitation from our heavenly Father to come boldly to the […]

Fudges Retire From World Partners

Randy and Carolyn Fudge will retire from World Partners on January 31. The Fudges have been part of World Partners for twenty-three years. Randy and Carolyn were approved by the World Partners board in April 1995. They served in Nigeria at the Hillcrest School until 1999. At that time they moved to the Ivory Coast […]


Can you remember when the news was something you had to wait for instead of something you couldn’t avoid? (For those of you born in the digital generation, we used to catch up on the news by holding sheets of printed paper up in front of our faces … sheets of paper so large that […]


In September 2015, I began to experience tremors and balance issues. A visit to my primary care doctor resulted in cursory treatment without a definite diagnosis. The symptoms progressed over the next 18 months and included vision and speech problems. During this period, I had many scans, diagnostic tests and even tests searching for parasites. […]


There is no doubt that it is more blessed to give than to receive because Jesus said so. But it doesn’t always feel like blessing. In fact, giving is high-risk behavior … a high-stakes proposition. How could that be? The answer may surprise you: Giving is a huge act of vulnerability. Have you ever thought […]

Blessing Your Missionaries

We know that you and your congregation enjoy blessing World Partners Missionaries while they are both on the field and during Home Ministry Assignment (HMA). Beginning this month, World Partners is going to let you know how you can do so. Stay tuned for more ideas and ways you can connect with your missionaries and […]


In just a few weeks, churches will be singing Christmas carols, lighting Advent candles, presenting Christmas cantatas and, in a myriad of creative ways, celebrating the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Pastors will seek the Lord for fresh ways to tell the old familiar story – to tell it in a way that gives people […]