Four hundred years of silence and then God quietly, yet profoundly tells the world of His love in the birth of a baby in Bethlehem. Although He arrived in a stable in an obscure village to a couple of humble estate, nothing shouts to the world “I love you” like God’s becoming man – Immanuel […]


World Partners Regional Staff Conferences Report

In November, much of the World Partners office staff traveled to Cullera, Spain, to participate in the regional staff conferences that were held for Western Europe (November 6-9) and Eastern Europe (November 13-16). These conferences, organized by Regional Strategy Coordinator for Europe Jeremy Tice, was a time for missionaries to come together and report on what God […]


Work Team Help Needed for Puerto Rico

The Missionary Church has forty-three churches in Puerto Rico, many of which were damaged as a result of Hurricane Maria. World Partners Director of Strategic Partnerships Dave Mann and International Service Administrator Leslie Foster have just returned from where they assessed the damage and spoke with Missionary Church pastors as to how World Partners can […]



We are living miracles in how we are made. God created us as spirits that are tethered to this world by means of our physical bodies. And yet our bodies are fragile! They are basically carbon-based water balloons. (When babies are born, they are nearly 80% water; and even as adults, we’re nearly two-thirds water!) […]


God’s Saving Grace

World Partners staff, Theo and Briana Makombe, are involved in community outreach and discipleship in Rukumbeli, Rwanda. They report about a girl, Donat, who had a reputation for being the wildest girl in the village. Rumors were spread about her and she was looked down upon. They began to witness to and disciple her on […]


Penang Flood Relief Fund

On November 4 and 5, 2017, hours of torrential rain and powerful winds brought unprecedented flooding and destruction to vulnerable communities in the Penang area of Malaysia. Countless families lost virtually everything they owned. This fund will help local groups of believers in ongoing efforts to identify and assist those most in need. Initial stages […]


European Staff Conferences

The World Partners staff serving throughout Western and Eastern Europe along with the World Partners office staff, Rick Dugan, Leslie Foster, Dave Mann, and Tami Swymeler from Fort Wayne, Indiana, gathered in Europe for regional staff conferences. Both conferences occurred in Cullera, Spain. The Western staff conference took place November 6-9 and the Eastern staff […]


Brotherhood Mutual Resources

It’s Sunday morning, and service has just started. A man with a duffle bag gets out of his car, walks past two of your greeters, and heads toward the sanctuary. Just outside the doors, he reaches into the duffle bag. How would your people respond? • Would greeters know how to address a situation that “just doesn’t […]



Teenagers face incredible challenges to their faith. Most attend schools that teach values that conflict with Scripture. They are almost forced to accept a non-biblical world view regarding the origin of the universe. Students face peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol and become sexually active. Many keep their faith as though it was a […]



Christmas is coming and your favorite missionary’s gift is on your mind. What should you send? How long will it take to get to them? How many miles can one gift travel? Well, World Partners would like to take care of these concerns for you. World Partners suggests sending monetary gifts to our overseas staff. Shipping items may be […]