According to Wiktionary, an unsung hero is “one who does great deeds but receives little or no recognition for them.” Often, these unsung heroes prefer to remain anonymous or to receive little attention or few accolades. They believe what they do is important, whether it is ever recognized or not.   Across the Missionary Church […]


As most of you know, the month of October is Clergy Appreciation Month, and the 2nd Sunday of October has been designated Pastor Appreciation Sunday. Through the years, churches have found many creative ways to bless their pastoral staff in order to express appreciation for their ministry.   In addition to tangible written and verbal […]


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1   In John 15:20 Jesus tells His followers: “‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” From the time of Jesus, Christians in many parts of the world have experienced persecution because of their faith in Jesus. The severity of the persecution varies from boycotting […]

New World Partners Staff

World Partners welcomes Premous and Peace Awung as our new staff in Nigeria. Premous’s connection to World Partners began years ago when he shared co-leadership of the Nicosia International Church in Cyprus with World Partners Director of International Development Rick Dugan. He facilitated various disciple-making movements that launched from Cyprus. Then, Premous and Peace returned […]


The natural man is born once but dies twice, but Christians are born twice and only die once. We’re all born the first time physically … on the day we come from our mother’s womb and fill our lungs with air for the first time. Christians are born again – a second birth – when […]

World Partners COVID-19 Relief Fund

Here in the US, much about “normal life” has changed with the introduction of COVID-19, but one thing that has been consistent for most of us here is our access to food. Sadly, this isn’t true in many other places around the world. In huge stretches of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the trickle-down impact […]


We live in a time right now when tension is everywhere. People in our country have rarely been so focused on their own viewpoints on a multitude of issues. As a result, a portion of the populace is looking for allies, and by doing so, they are dividing everyone into two camps: “Are you FOR […]

Planting Seeds Leads to Generations of Disciples

In 2010, Regional Strategy Coordinator for Latin America Nat Brown held a discipleship training in Guatemala. The event was poorly attended, and those who did attend did not do much with making disciples for the first six months or so. Disappointed, Nat wondered if the training had been a waste of time and resources. Fast-forward […]

The Return

NATIONAL AND GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER AND REPENTANCE SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 ON THE NATIONAL MALL, THROUGHOUT AMERICA & THE WORLD Over the course of the past 5 or 6 months, there have been numerous calls to prayer, including our own Missionary Church call to prayer (mcusa.org/prayfirst/firstfridayfast/). This global COVID-19 pandemic, the racial tensions that have […]

October Is Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastor Appreciation Day, also known as Clergy Appreciation Day, is the second Sunday of October. Can we make it like a second Christmas for our pastors in this unbelievable year that we are experiencing? Pastors, like many among us, have faced an unbelievable year. Consider just a few of the ways pastors have had to […]