There is no doubt that it is more blessed to give than to receive because Jesus said so. But it doesn’t always feel like blessing. In fact, giving is high-risk behavior … a high-stakes proposition. How could that be? The answer may surprise you: Giving is a huge act of vulnerability. Have you ever thought […]

Blessing Your Missionaries

We know that you and your congregation enjoy blessing World Partners Missionaries while they are both on the field and during Home Ministry Assignment (HMA). Beginning this month, World Partners is going to let you know how you can do so. Stay tuned for more ideas and ways you can connect with your missionaries and […]


In just a few weeks, churches will be singing Christmas carols, lighting Advent candles, presenting Christmas cantatas and, in a myriad of creative ways, celebrating the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. Pastors will seek the Lord for fresh ways to tell the old familiar story – to tell it in a way that gives people […]

Computers for Disciple Makers

World Ventures, a Business as Missions (BAM) organization, is collecting laptops, iPads, notebooks, palmtops, etc. for World Partners (WP) national leaders, who are making disciples around the world. The devices will be used daily by WP National Leaders around the world as they mentor their disciples and communicate with us here in the U.S. and […]

World Partners RSC Nat Brown’s Honduras Trip

World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinator for Latin America, Nat Brown, was in Honduras from November 8-13. Nat reflects on his time there as follows: “At the invitation of a group called “Ministerio Oasis de Amor” [MOA] in Honduras led by Apostle Marco Aurelio Martinez Barahona, I along with Pastor Héctor Soto of the Deluth, Georgia […]

World Partners Happenings

World Partners Director of Strategic Partnerships Dave Mann, World Partners Regional Strategy Coordinator Jeremy Tice, and World Partners staff Pete and Ursula Hubley met in Bulgaria yesterday with the Kazanlak hospital administrator and the deputy mayor. World Partners and the Kazanlak hospital administrators are interested in cooperating in a project involving U.S. college students working […]

New eProf!

The Pastoral Leadership Institute is excited to announce Patrick Jones as our newest eProf! Patrick will be leading our New Testament Survey course in our upcoming Winter Quarter. A little bit about him: “I became a Christian in high school and figured out pretty quickly that teaching Bible was going to be a significant part […]


In classical antiquity, the cornucopia, also called the horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance and nourishment. Originally it was a curved, hollow goat’s horn (or horn-shaped receptacle) overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts. We see them everywhere during the Thanksgiving season. They serve as a reminder of the stories of the first Thanksgiving – […]


I recently stumbled across a training video by a master craftsman in which he demonstrated making a powerful sword from raw steel. I learned that to forge steel, you put it in the fire. As soon as it is glowing fiercely from the heat, you take it out of the fire and immediately (while it […]


According to at least one news agency, persecution of Christians is greater than at any other time in history. The top 5 countries where there is extreme persecution include North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and Pakistan. However, there is significant persecution of Christians in other parts of the world as well. We should not be […]