GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world.


GENERATE is focused on multiplying disciples to the fourth generation.

Once multiplication reaches the fourth generation, the process is no longer dependent on the initial disciple maker, and movements are launched. Now multiplication is beginning to change everything. We have an effective church multiplication strategy that includes building a prayer base, assessing, training, coaching and networking. Across the country, more than 130 church planters are being equipped and coached. All are being birthed from a vision to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

These are days of great potential. We need your help. We need your prayers. We need your financial support.

We’ve expanded our reach from 22 to over 130 countries. A host of inspired international leaders are changing the face of World Partners. This has allowed us to expand our reach into many places not accessible by missionaries that come from the United States. This exciting new change comes with a new challenge: How do we fund what is happening? This year alone we received requests for over $220,000 to help with ministry in places such as Iran, Mali, Somalia, Tunisia, Sudan, China, and Myanmar.

To take advantage of these opportunities we are asking individuals who can make a difference, encourage, and support these global mission leaders.


Three years ago, Daniel left a church that was focused on maintenance and self-preservation, to pursue planting a multiplying community of disciples that would become a vibrant transformational agent in his Michigan community. When Daniel made the shift to focus on disciple making as his primary focus, he found a number of people who were open and responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Those people soon became this core and Daniel developed those individuals for nearly a year. In 2016 Daniel began to invite a group of people to meet together to learn how to multiply disciples and launch a disciple making community in his area. In 2017 they launched Lake Life Church in Alanson, Michigan. Since that time Daniel has identified several other strong leaders and is planning on launching disciple making movements in the towns and villages around him.

Many pastors think a program or strategy will change their church. Or that preaching and teaching is adequate. Unless pastors work on changing the church culture, they will remain a black hole church. Allen realized this was happening at his own church. Allen decided to make a change. Allen did what Jesus modeled: start small, train and send disciple makers who do the same. Allen focused on four leaders who started making disciples who could make disciples. They started expanding and sharing their stories. The excitement of reaching people and making a noticeable impact in the community continued to drive the church forward. From 2017 to 2018 they went from 30 to 156+ people with over 50% of them involved in a small group and church ministry. They now have a healthy and strong core and a committed team that have multiplied to the 4th generation and have identified 10 potential leaders that will be the 5th generation leaders.

People are coming to Christ even in the worst situations.

Selwa’s husband left her and their two children (one blind) after he discovered she had given her life to Jesus. Though her circumstances are difficult, the presence of Christ in her life gives her the strength and courage to continue on. Mahmoud was preparing to fight for Islam in the Middle East when he found Jesus. Moussa left Islam for atheism, but then he came to God through Jesus.

These are just some of the people in a young North African church that recently met with World Partners for encouragement, fellowship, and further training on how to live as Christ’s followers. Your donation will make it possible for staff to encourage this and other groups of believers in the Middle East and North Africa in 2020.

Ezekiel was assigned a motorcycle driver to transport him to and from the seminar each day. It wasn’t long before Ezekiel began to share Christ with the driver and the driver came to faith in Christ. Almost immediately the driver began to insist that he be baptized. Every pond, lake, or river they passed the driver would tell Ezekiel that he wanted to be baptized.

Finally, after a number of requests Ezekiel baptized him. Ezekiel then did something surprising to the driver. He handed the man his Bible and told him he was to be the pastor of his village.

Ezekiel went back to Sierra Leone one year later to follow up his previous discipleship training. He asked to see his motorcycle driver. When they met, Ezekiel found out that the driver had led over fifty people to Christ and was discipling them.

Not only is it biblical, it develops leaders and it changes the culture of the church