The Missionary Church is committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Great Commission.

the missionary church is focused on multiplying disciples to the fourth generation. Once multiplication reaches the fourth generation, the process is no longer dependent on the initial disciple maker and movements are launched. We have seen God do amazing things. In the past 25 years the Missionary Church has grown to 500+ churches. In recent years we have been the fastest growing small denomination in the United States. Now multiplication is beginning to change everything. At this point there are 130+ discipling communities underway. Many will become church plants. All are being birthed from a vision to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. These are days of great potential. We need your help. We need your prayers. We need your financial support. I encourage you to read through this booklet, listen for the heart of what God is doing, and then join us in fulfilling God’s mission.

It’s time to multiply!

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The Problem

It’s great news but it also creates a great need.

We have an effective church multiplication strategy that includes building a prayer base, assessing, training, coaching and networking. The vast majority of our church planters are bi-vocational who work or raise their own support and are rarely paid any salary or benefits by the parent church, district, region or national office. They are ministering sacrificially for the cause of Christ from the very beginning. We commit to covering the costs involved in equipping and supporting our leaders. Additionally, based on the model and style of the new church, when a church is ready to launch public worship services, we try to assist with the costs involved. This usually amounts to about $6,000 to $15,000. To seize the opportunities we need significantly more funds. In the next 18-24 months we need to increase the giving for church multiplication by $240,000 per year.

This is where you can join us.

You can be the solution

It’s time to MULTIPLY. Join us.

The multiplication of disciples and churches is going to bring tremendous growth. We don’t anticipate any single individual will write a check to cover the total need. That would be nice, but the reality is God uses the humble and the simple. If we are available, God can use us. Give one or more monthly shares of $25 to church multiplication. This small commitment will enable us to respond to our current opportunity of multiplying disciples and planting the next 130 or more churches. Within five years our goal is to have 2,500 people giving monthly shares of $25 to continue to allow us to multiply disciples and churches to fulfill the mission God has given the Missionary Church. You may be able to give two shares or four shares per month. Your church may be able to give five or ten shares per month.


See the power that comes when you give toward multiplying disciples & churches to the 4th generation.

During his days as a lead pastor, Daniel was concerned that his church struggled to stay on mission. Daniel invested a great deal of energy to lead the church to become more Kingdom and outreach focused rather than inwardly focused. He became increasingly frustrated that the church seemed to have little interest or desire to live on mission or to make a Kingdom impact. They seemed to be mostly focused on maintenance and self-preservation.

That prompted Daniel to take a bold leap.

Three years ago, Daniel left that church to pursue planting a multiplying community of disciples that would become a vibrant transformational agent in his Michigan community. Daniel’s first step was finding a group of people who were genuinely disciple-able. When Daniel made the shift to focus on disciple making as his primary focus, he found a number of people who were open and responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Those people soon became this core and Daniel developed those individuals for nearly a year. In 2016 Daniel began to invite a group of people to meet together to learn how to multiply disciples and launch a disciple making community in his area. In 2017 they launched Lake Life Church in Alanson, Michigan. Since that time Daniel has identified several other strong leaders and is planning on launching disciple making movements in the towns and villages around him.

Because you GIVE stories like this are happening all over the world.

Many pastors think a program or strategy will change their church. Or that preaching and teaching is adequate. Unless pastors work on changing the church culture, they will remain a black hole church—all light going in (people) and nothing going out to make an impact in the community. Allen realized this was happening at his own church.

Allen decided to make a change.

He did what Jesus modeled: start small, train and send disciple makers who do the same. Allen focused on four leaders who started making disciples who could make disciples. They started expanding and sharing their stories. This tipped the culture of the church. He quickly realized that this wasn’t easy for some people to embrace and saw that through this sound biblical teaching, God was challenging people’s minds to reveal their hearts. As painful as it was to lose people, Allen held strong on the biblical model and the results speak for themselves. The excitement of reaching people and making a noticeable impact in the community continued to drive the church forward. From 2017 to 2018 they went from 30 to 156+ people with over 50% of them involved in a small group and church ministry. They now have a healthy and strong core and a committed team that have multiplied to the 4th generation and have identified 10 potential leaders that will be the 5th generation leaders.

That’s why we multiply to the 4th generation

not only is it biblical, it develops leaders and it changes the culture of the church

Join the Movement