Ministry Update #48


Update #47: A Special Message: The Power of a Downsized Ministry  WATCH >

Update #46: The enemy within  WATCH >

Update #45:  WATCH >

Update #44: Vaccines and God-Teams WATCH >

Update #43: The Latest on Covid and Thinking Together about the Presidential Pardon. WATCH >

Update #42: Prayer Request for former President Leonard DeWitt-What God Borrows, and what He won’t.  WATCH >

Update #41: President Steve reports on his Covid and How to be blameless in 2021 WATCH >

Update #40: A special announcement about National Conference and a short Christmas meditation WATCH >

Update #39: SPECIAL UPDATE: Reporting on a personal interview with Dr. Deborah Birx  WATCH >

Update #38: Super-spreaders  WATCH >

Update #37: Is it Covid-19 or the flu? New research helps you know which it is.
What if we ask God for guidance and hear nothing?  WATCH >

Update #36: When God sides with your enemy  WATCH >

Update #35: For Those Who Are Tired of the Whiplash Effect  WATCH >

Update #34: On the Election  WATCH >

Update #33: It’s time for strength in prayer!  WATCH >

Update #32: Shepherding and Leading in Challenging Times. WATCH >

Update #31: Progressives and Conservatives. WATCH >

Update #30: What the apostles didn’t know. WATCH >

Update #29: News from the front: Our 3 challenges Are Converging! WATCH >

Update #28: Release from our Unrealistic Expectations WATCH >

Update #27: Weighing your personal risk in doing ministry: principles from the ministry of Jesus to lepers. WATCH >

Update #26: Flu shots, restaurant visits and how the Lone Ranger led me to find leadership lessons from the life of Moses. WATCH >

Update #25: Two important topics: Your “Decision Fatigue” and Guarding Unity in a Season of Competition WATCH >

Update #24: The latest on keeping your congregation safe during worship. WATCH >

Update #23: Discovering the Bible’s Force Multiplier for Your Ministry.  WATCH >

Update #22: Three phases of successful ministry  WATCH >

Update #21: Encouraging words for when no one is being encouraging.  WATCH >

Update #20: Combating “Friendly Fire” in the church.  WATCH >

Update #19: Coin shortages and Diminished Ministries WATCH >

Update #18: Dealing With the Local Authorities WATCH >

Update #17: Half way to safety WATCH > 

Update #16: Freed Up by Lock Down WATCH >

Update #15: The church’s response to Reclosing, Fake News and Lawlessness WATCH >

Priority Update: Blessing Instead Of Wishing WATCH >

Update #14: Do NOT ask this question! WATCH >

Update #13: The way out of racial tension and coronavirus disagreements. WATCH >

Update #12: Decision-Making in the Day of Danger – > WATCH >

Update #11: This one is personal!  WATCH >

Update #10: Building inspection before re-opening and God’s priorities in the time of COVID-19. WATCH >

Update #9: 1) An update on our missionaries on lockdown around the world, 2) Missionary Church voices from the grave on the pandemic of 1918 and how they experienced it, 3) Practice questions to weigh before reopening, and 4) What we can learn from Israel’s national crisis.  WATCH >

Update #8: Very important guidance regarding the dangers associated with re-opening of churches. Please watch as soon as possible, and then share with your leaders. WATCH >

Update #7: Notification of Potential Fraud against the Missionary Church. WATCH >

Update #6: Planning how to emerge from lockdown. WATCH >

Update #5: An idea for a tangible resource to help your people, and some Coronavirus strategizing. WATCH >

Update #4: Important Updates Including Finance Guidance. WATCH >

Update #3: Three weapons for you to use… and a BIG announcement! WATCH >

Update #2: Coronavirus Update from the President. WATCH >

Update #1: You can use it in your services if you like, but it is important to me that you as pastors and leaders have this information, whether you share it publicly or not. WATCH >


Micro Church 101 Training

Online Cafe Styled Church

Digital On Mission Church

Building a Care Network for You,
the Church & Your Family

Part 2: Leading the Online
Micro Church

Restarting Church With
Social Distancing Requirements


Being the Church Post-COVID:
Preparing for ministry in the new normal

Streaming Online Services Easily

PLI: Self/Soul Care



Telemedicine is an important step in accessing health care as many medical providers are experiencing higher-than-normal requests for in-person appointments.

Health Resources & Services Administration
Community Health Centers may be a viable option for you to seek medical attention if:

  • You are unable to schedule an appointment with your doctor.
  • You are currently without health insurance coverage.