During the last months of 2017 it became painful to watch the news – not that this was the only painful time to watch the news but during that time […]

During the last months of 2017 it became painful to watch the news – not that this was the only painful time to watch the news but during that time there seemed to be no end to announcements of sexual misconduct. Business executives, politicians, Hollywood stars and media personalities were accused of inappropriate behavior. Night after night one wondered who would be the next to be exposed. Reports seemed to become more and more graphic with each new allegation to the point that it became disgusting to watch.  I am grateful for those who have taken full responsibility for their actions and pray they are truly repentant. I grieve for the victims and pray for God’s healing in their lives and pray that they will seek Him.

As disgusting and disturbing as all of these allegations are, I have to wonder if we are not seeing the beginnings of an awakening. For at least two decades I have known of large groups of men and women who have prayed for revival and for an awakening in America. Every revival that has been recorded through the years finds its roots in a group of people praying. An awakening will never come until there is exposure of sin, followed by a disgust, sorrow and repentance of that sin. As believers cry out to God in prayer, the Holy Spirit moves men’s hearts to convict of sin and to give courage to those victimized to share their stories.

Romans 1:18ff describes what happens to a people who push God out of their society. We are living in a country that has systematically pushed God out of the public arena. What is being reported in the media is a direct result of pushing God aside and God allows us to pursue our natural tendencies which are always sinful.

BUT God is at work!! He is answering the prayers of thousands of believers who have prayed for years for an awakening. It is just the beginning. It could get uglier as sin is continually exposed. It is not a time to despair but to rejoice that God is at work. Could it be that we will see another great awakening in our lifetime? Could it be that we are seeing answers to prayer? I believe God desires to bring an awakening to America – not because we are any better than anyone else. I believe He desires to bring an awakening in other parts of the world as well. The question is: Will we hold on in persistent prayer until we seek that breakthrough. Now is the time to pray with greater fervency than ever before. He has begun a good work. Pray we will see it come to completion.

2018 could be a year that moves us closer and closer to another awakening in America if the Church will be faithful in crying out to God in prayer.


  • February 14 – March 25 – Seek God for the City
  • May 3 – National Day of Prayer
  • September 26 – See You at the Pole
  • November 4 – International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church