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Planning a Prayer Breakfast for Your Church

Suggestion for Prayer Coordinators:  Begin the New Year with a Prayer Event in January



(from “Partners in Prayer” by John Maxwell pp.140-141)


Step 1 - *Select the date ASAP and get it on the church calendar.

1.     Begin early to make your church aware of this event by announcements in your church newsletter and Sunday Bulletins. 

2.     Sign-up sheets should be made available in December to Adult Classes and at the Information Desk in the church foyer. (DO NOT WAIT UNTIL JANUARY—CALENDARS FILL UP QUICKLY)

*NOTE:  When selecting a date the second or third Saturday in January is usually best—by then people will be ready to think about the New Year—Christmas is now over.  When setting dates always be aware of other church and community activities—then people will not have to chose one over the other.


Step 2 – Ask your pastor or staff person to plan an in-depth lesson focused on “How to Grow in Your Prayer Life”.  

1.     Make your request early—never wait until the last minute. 

2.     Some good topics include praise, thanksgiving, intercession, meditation, listening to God, praying Scripture, How to pray for others, etc.)



1.  Food and Fellowship (45-60 minutes) great way to establish easy interaction.

    (Menu suggestions:  egg casseroles, muffins, juice & coffee)

2.  Worship (15minutes) is the best way to prepare hearts to hear God’s Word.

3.  Equipping (45 minutes) Make sure lesson gives specific truths to think about.

4.  Prayer (30 minutes)

Since the focus of this ministry is on prayer, it should always be the last thing you do together.  While still in one large group, share some recent answers to prayer, since this reminds participants of the results and value of prayer ministry.  Then list current prayer requests for the pastors and the church. 


Divide everyone into small prayer groups of three or four.  First, remind them of how they can apply the day’s lesson to this prayer time.  Ask them to share personal prayer requests for five to ten minutes.  Then they will pray for the church, the pastors, and each other for twenty to thirty minutes.  John Maxwell recommends that you tell them they are dismissed when their group has finished praying.